Fluke Loves Plum & Friends!

I have known Fiona and Plum for around five years now, and I can personally and professionally attest that I would trust few other duos with the responsibility of caring for my animals.

Fiona is one of the most caring, kind and professional people I have ever met. She has a natural affinity towards animals and understands what it takes to both own and be responsible for them. She is dedicated and enthusiastic about treating your pet as if they are her own, and will strive to ensure they not only have a safe and structured walk, but to make sure they enjoy it too!

Plum is a pure delight to be around. She gets along with all dogs and would provide the perfect companion to all personalities. For example, my dog is shy and reserved and he loves to play and interact with Plum in a way he won’t with others – she understands when he needs space and when he wants to play.

In summary, I would highly recommend Fiona and Plum if you are in need of a personalised and safe way for your dog to get some exercise and interaction!

Thank you Fiona and Plum for always making our walks fun!

Lauren Prior Veterinary Nurse

(Lauren’s dog, Fluke, below with Plum)