Fi knows her Dobes and her dogs!

I have known Fiona Constantine and her beautiful Dobermann, Plum, for almost four years.

I have seen how she cares for her Dobermanns – their diet, medical care, and exercise is second to none thanks her passion for her furkids. Fi is an absolute genuine animal lover and I have no doubt any dog would be safe, loved and happy in her care. If all dog owners were this wonderful the pounds would be empty!

I would trust almost no one with my precious Dobermann, Helvi, but would not hesitate for Fiona to have her for any stretch of time. That really says it all for me. She is very attuned to and aware of the various nuances of individual dog’s behaviours and quirks. She would place their health and safety first and knows how to create fun for them – very important too.

Aside from the above it should go without saying I have always found Fiona to be very reliable, genuine and trustworthy.

Dr Kris Fawcett

Medical Practitioner


Below is Kris’s beautiful Dobermann, Helvi!