I have known Fiona Constantine and her beautiful Dobermann, Plum, for almost four years.

I have seen how she cares for her Dobermanns – their diet, medical care, and exercise is second to none thanks her passion for her furkids. Fi is an absolute genuine animal lover and I have no doubt any dog would be safe, loved and happy in her care. If all dog owners were this wonderful the pounds would be empty!

I would trust almost no one with my precious Dobermann, Helvi, but would not hesitate for Fiona to have her for any stretch of time. That really says it all for me. She is very attuned to and aware of the various nuances of individual dog’s behaviours and quirks. She would place their health and safety first and knows how to create fun for them – very important too.

Aside from the above it should go without saying I have always found Fiona to be very reliable, genuine and trustworthy.

Dr Kris Fawcett

Medical Practitioner


Below is Kris’s beautiful Dobermann, Helvi!

Fi knows her Dobes and her dogs!

We have known Fiona for many years and cannot speak highly enough of her. She demonstrates a warm and deeply caring approach towards our fur babies, Wilma & Burt and we know we can leave them with her for any amount of time with 101% peace of mind.

Fiona was absolutely amazing when supporting our Staffy X, Rufus (and us!) through serious illness, providing much care and love up until he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Fiona and Plum are fabulous and highly recommended.

Clare, Rosie, Wilma & Burt


We Love Fi and Plum!

I have known Fiona and Plum for around five years now, and I can personally and professionally attest that I would trust few other duos with the responsibility of caring for my animals.

Fiona is one of the most caring, kind and professional people I have ever met. She has a natural affinity towards animals and understands what it takes to both own and be responsible for them. She is dedicated and enthusiastic about treating your pet as if they are her own, and will strive to ensure they not only have a safe and structured walk, but to make sure they enjoy it too!

Plum is a pure delight to be around. She gets along with all dogs and would provide the perfect companion to all personalities. For example, my dog is shy and reserved and he loves to play and interact with Plum in a way he won’t with others – she understands when he needs space and when he wants to play.

In summary, I would highly recommend Fiona and Plum if you are in need of a personalised and safe way for your dog to get some exercise and interaction!

Thank you Fiona and Plum for always making our walks fun!

Lauren Prior Veterinary Nurse

(Lauren’s dog, Fluke, below with Plum)


Fluke Loves Plum & Friends!

img_6748.jpgI have known Fiona for several years, and can attest to her professionalism and compassion for all animals. She is incredibly humble, but she is very accomplished as a volunteer in the animal therapy community in Auckland with her Dobermann, Plum. The duo volunteers their time and talent at elder care communities, local school reading programs, SPCA events and causes, and were selected from a competitive pool to volunteer at Starship Children’s Hospital in Auckland.

Perhaps her skill as a caregiver to furry family members is best displayed in her red Dobermann, Plum. To meet Plum is to meet a joyful, obedient, and intelligent Dobermann. Plum originated from one of the top breeders in the country, and has truly excelled as breed ambassador, therapy dog, agility dog, and companion animal in Fiona’s care.

Many times, people turn to Fiona for her advice regarding canine care, as she has a community of support in her veterinary specialists, veterinary nurses, and trainers.  I have often asked for her wise counsel in various animal questions, including canine bone cancer, as we have both experienced this heartbreaking journey. Fiona has extensive knowledge with special needs dogs, and approaches them with a particular level of kindness and love. Without her knowledge and compassion towards my dogs and me, I would have been totally lost.

There is no one who I would trust more than Fiona to care for my dogs.

~ Dr. Jennifer Hudson

Fi is Fantastic!

I have known Fiona and Plum for several years. We met at a dog park and have been fast friends since that day. Our dogs, Lola (pictured above) and Plum enjoy playing together and having adventures. Being a Dobermann owner is not without challenges, and Fiona and I constantly talk about the best way to care for our girls. Fiona has cared for Lola and taken Plum and Lola to play several times. They are always safe, always happy, and always enjoy their time together and under Fiona’s care.

Recently, Lola has had some health issues, and I was able to find expert care with Fiona’s veterinarian at St. Luke’s Veterinary Centre. Dr. Andrew Newington and his staff have been so helpful. Thanks to Fiona and her knowledge of canine health and wellness for helping Lola.

~Barbara Garard and Lola

Plum and Fi