I am Fiona Constantine, founder and owner of Plum & Friends. As the owner of Dobermanns for almost a decade, I knew caring for animals would always factor into my goals. I started volunteering at schools, hospitals, on behalf of the SPCA, and in other venues years ago and continue to serve the Auckland community with my certified therapy dog, Plum.

Friends and reputable breeders have asked me to care for their dogs over the past five years, and I recently opted to expand my business. I have the privilege of being responsible for a wide variety of animals for friends, extended family members, neighbours, and referrals.  These responsibilities include neighbourhood walks, daily feedings, restroom breaks, watering plants, routing home security checks, transporting animals to the park for fresh air and exercise, and simply giving each pet some well deserved companionship and love.

With being Pet First Aid certified, new and current clients can rest assured knowing every pet will be in excellent hands.

All new potential clients are happily provided with a FREE in-home consultation, which includes the following:

  • meeting you and your pet(s)
  • obtaining detailed information about your pet(s) and the best method of care
  • obtaining house key or code
  • discussing rates and payment options
  • confirming requested dates of service
  • answer any questions you may have

I look forward to earning your trust and your business.

~Fiona, Founder and Owner, Plum & Friends